My work is based on observation of the extraordinary, the marvelous and the disturbing. I find inspiration in every detail that captures my attention, for example - an expression of a lost child in the crowd or howling of a jackal at night. These details leave a deep impression on me, meeting and echoing what occurs in me: joy, loneliness, anxiety, helplessness, longing.

For me, the painting is an investigation of the outside-world as well as the inside-world, it is a singular inquiry that enables a renewed observation of the encounter between myself and the world surrounding me, creating a new, exciting and unique view.


Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel

Art Education

2017-2018 - Drawing and painting studies at Hamidrasha Faculty of Arts, Beit Berl College, Israel.
2013-2014 - Private studies with the Israeli painter Yoav Efrati, Tel Aviv, Israel.
2011-2012 - Private studies with the Israeli painter Alexander Galitsky, Tel Aviv, Israel.
1998-1999 - Drawing studies at Avni Institute School of Art and Design, Tel Aviv, Israel.


Solo Exhibitions
2019 - "Wild Story". Abraham Hostel gallery. Tel Aviv

Group Exhibitions
2016 - "Art for my heart". Office in Tel Aviv gallery. Curator: Rachel Sukman

Special Projects
2014 - Exhibitions in the art space of Henrietta Tel Aviv
2013 -  Exhibitions in the art space of Mizentrop Tel Aviv
2010 -  Exhibitions in the art space of Nechama Vahetzi Tel Aviv.