Einat Aloni's work is based on observation of the extraordinary, the marvelous and the disturbing. She finds inspiration in every detail that captures her attention, for example - an expression of a lost child in the crowd or howling of a jackal at night. These details leave a deep impression on her, meeting and echoing what occurs in her: joy, loneliness, anxiety, helplessness, longing.

For Einat, the painting is an investigation of the outside-world as well as the inside-world, it is a singular inquiry that enables a renewed observation of the encounter between herself and the world surrounding her, creating a new, exciting and unique view.

Born in 1980. Lives and works in Tel-Aviv. Einat Aloni is mostly self-taught and also studied privately with Yoav Efrati (2014), Sasha Galitsky (2012), and at the "Avni Institute" (1999). Einat Aloni's works were part of a group exhibition in the “Office in Tel Aviv” gallery and in the art space of "kenkenlolo", and exhibitions of her paintings were displayed in the "Nechama Vahetzi", "Mizentrop" and "Henrietta" art spaces.