Einat Aloni, born in 1980, lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Studied painting with Ayelet Carmi at the HaMidrasha Faculty of Arts, Beit Berl College (2018), also studied privately with Anna Lukashevsky (2021) and Yoav Efrati (2014), and drawing studies atAvni Institute School of Art and Design, Tel Aviv  (1999).

My recent series of paintings present human figures in contrast with images taken from nature and wildlife, constantly investigating the possibilities of placement: human vs. wild.
Using the combination of day-to-day realism and the fantasy of a lost paradise, the works seek to expose the subtext of the image - the longing for freedom and harmony with nature alongside existential loneliness, anxiety, helplessness, and death. 

Solo exhibition:
2023 - ×´Ceiling, Crack and Sky×´, Yad Labanim Gallry, Rehovot. Curator: Roni Ankori"
2019 - "Wild Story", Avraham Hostel Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Mor Tishler

Group exhibitions:
2022 - "The good cook". Zuzu gallery. Curator: Rotem Ritov
2022 - "Appearance", Herzliya Municipal Gallery. Curator: Nava Romano Danon.
2021 - "Creating a place", pop-up exhibition, Zichron Yaacov. Curator: Tzipi Orowitz
2019 - Terminal Festival, Jerusalem. Curator: Naama Lahav
2019 - "Impersonation", Central Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Doron Foreman
2016 - "Art that is dear to my heart", the office gallery in Tel Aviv. Curator: Rachel Sockerman

2020 - Aroma Art Project, an exhibition of paintings purchased for Aroma Amiad Branch. Curator: Einav Branes Eliatov.
2019 - Urban Art Festival, "The Pyramid - Center for Contemporary Art", Haifa
2014 - Exhibition of paintings in the "Henrietta" space, Tel Aviv, Israel
2013 - Exhibition of paintings in the "Mizentrop" space, Tel Aviv, Israel
2010 - Exhibition of paintings in the "Comfort and a Half" space in Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator: Eyal Yehuda